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This is Kamaleidos’ long-term project: we are committed to bringing exciting, meaningful, and engaging learning products. Our diverse audiences benefit from the variety of training approaches: from live webinars and self-paced e-learning courses to blended approaches that meet best practices in adult education.

We conceive our courses as building blocks that realize individual growth and advancement into leadership. We envision that this type of leadership is the one that promotes and inspires others to give their best.

People Change Management for Projects

People Change Management for Projects


Change Leadership for Projects

Change Leadership for Projects


Change Management

Change Management



  • Ernesto’s presentation was well rounded in all the topics. Lots of good and practical information. Excellent presentation skills (verbal and visual).

    Ana P. Suarez
    IT Applications Consultant / Support -Healthcare
  • Through this webinar Ernesto has captured the essence of Change Leadership for Projects in a way this is easy to comprehend.  In addition, he has provided tools that will prove to be invaluable when applying the theory.  I would recommend this webinar as a good starting point for anyone who is new to Project Management or Change Management.

    Sharna White
    Director, Change Management (retired)
  • The Change leadership course was very well structured and very well presented by Ernesto. The course delivers content that can instantly be related to any business project involving multiple key players. Ernesto has the ability to keep his audience engaged and clearly explained the concepts very well.  I felt good and motivated to continue learning more about Change Management and look forward to enrolling in other courses offered by Ernesto. 
    Thanks, Ernesto for your sharing your expertise on Change Management and putting together such a great course.

    Arturo Serdan
    Tecnosys Solutions, inc.
  • Ernesto’s Change Leadership for Projects webinar was very educational, insightful, and well organized. I not only learned the principles of change management but how to apply them in real life to make an impact on my organization. I highly recommend it!

    Julio Sevilla
    International Projects Manager, Concordia University
  • I appreciate the invitation made to your webinar " Change Leadership for Projects". Knowing the main subject Change Leadership is extensive and requires a more profound understanding on human resources, psychology, analogy and character among others.

    Your webinar was well documented and touched the fine points of each and funneled your presentation towards influencing and inspiring the work force to respond with vision and growth to be proficient. 

    I want to congratulate you for your work and wishing you a successful program. Sincerely

    Frank Paci
    Export Manager
  • I had the pleasure of attending a webinar on December 03 2020,titled "Change Leadership for Projects" conducted by Ernesto Solari",The webinar was extremely informative and and I was impressed with inspiring style in which Ernesto covered the topic. My key learnings were various change models and the roles and responsibilities of both change and project managers and a dire need of their collaboration. 

    Thank you Ernesto for sharing your knowledge on change management

    Navroz Surani
    Director Human Resources
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