Who we are

We are a Change Project Management consulting company specializing in organizational change interventions. We support leaders in organizations, regardless of industry/sector, facing obstacles when they decide that bold changes are needed to stay ahead of the competition, to simply survive or to maintain a leading role in their industry.

We are most comfortable when we are entrusted by our clients to participate in change projects alongside front-line employees. Our commitment goes beyond that: we partner and work hard with the change champions and key organizational and project stakeholders to ensure that objectives are achieved in an inclusive environment.

The history behind Kamaleidos change solutions

Our story

Kamaleidos is a hybrid term that combines the magnificence of a chameleon with the visual magic produced by a kaleidoscope.Chameleons are extraordinary animals.

Their name means “lions of the ground.” Chameleons’ eyes are independently mobile, but in aiming at their prey, they focus forward in coordination, affording the animal stereoscopic vision.

A kaleidoscope is a very creative tool with an ancient history that configures vision into multiple features and colors; it’s capable of forming mosaics in beautiful tones and geometric shapes.

These two concepts behind our brand highlight the critical element of VISION.Seeing the same matter through many “filters” while analyzing and understanding a problem through different perspectives helps us deal with obstacles using trained and sharp vision.

In organizations and in projects, once the core issue is identified, our ability to draw a compelling vision for change is fundamental for gaining the support around us and mobilizing everyone’s efforts towards that vision. Under this premise we define the Kamaleidos motto: Envision. Change. Succeed.

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Know How


Kamaleidos uses effective diagnostic tools to assess organizational readiness in combination with business analysis  techniques. A proper diagnosis establishes the foundation of a successful Organizational Change intervention. A proper assessment is key in the determination of critical success factors.


A combination of techniques such as surveys, interviews, data analysis and market trends allows us to assess the level of resistance that an initiative or change project will face from the beginning.


Kamaleidos uses well-established methodologies to identify change leaders and develop strategy and tactics to achieve the desired results.

About Ernesto Solari Managing Director

Ernesto is a Senior Level Change Project Manager with documented success engaging both sponsorship and stakeholders in embracing change, adept at jumping into complex projects and engaging bystanders, turning resistors into champions, and driving adoption and satisfaction around incremental or radical transformational change.

A chameleon able to adapt to any organizational culture or industry. Passionate about uniting people with technology, able to negotiate through challenges and gain consensus while managing tight project deadlines. Offers creative and cost effective solutions throughout the project cycle – from scoping and planning to delivery, from acceptance to sustainment. Articulate and professional, with fluent English and Spanish.

Ernesto’s early career goals were solidified by his Master of Industrial Relations program at Queen’s University in Kingston. During this time, he conducted extensive research about transformational leadership in organizations and tools to identify and develop change leaders in close collaboration with the Industrial Relations Centre.


Kamaleidos Change Solutions Provides services with the highest professional and technical standards. We do this with passion and commitment to service leadership!

Ernesto is an active member of Canadian and International Professional Associations. He has achieved the highest professional standards in Change Management, Human Resources, Learning & Development and Project Management through the following designations:
* Change Management Certified (Prosci ADKAR)
* Project Management Professional (PMP)
* Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL)
* Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP)
* Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)
Human Resources Professionals Association -HRPA--HRPA-s proposal

Our Services

Our high-end value services in change project management include:

We manage the full project cycle:

From the business analysis and requirements gathering, scoping and planning to executing and monitoring results to ensure a successful experience. Our specialty resides in the implementation of technology solutions and HR projects.

We work with your project teams:

We work with your sponsors and management group to build change project management capacity. We do this by conducting organizational diagnostics and training needs assessments and we design and implement learning (e-learning included), development and training solutions that build capacity.

We offer customized change management simulations-type workshops:

We reinforce existing project management practices in organizations. Our unique innovative courses using interactive multimedia simulations teach how to use a wide range of tools to support effective change during project cycles. Participants leave our workshops knowing how to drive business strategy through well thought organizational change management interventions!

Our Clients

Clients in the public and private sector industries benefit from 20+ years of Ernesto’s experience in diverse industries such as Manufacturing, IT Consulting, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Transportation, Retail, Education and Banking. Ernesto also works as part-time instructor and course developer in the HR Program at McMaster University, Centre for Continuing Education.

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  • testimonios-01

    Professional, personable and resilient are the three words that come to mind when I think of Ernesto. Ernesto was retained to deliver the full integration of the HRIS and Payroll system. there were many candidates up to the task. However, we knew that the more significant challenge would be around change management, training of the staff that were exhibiting change fatigue, and meeting the pressing timelines. Ernesto quickly proved himself: established key relationships, tailored his communications to various stakeholders, ensured the continuous stream of updates, and showcased his SME in the system by producing highly effective distilled training guides for all of the affected groups. Suffice to say, no project is without a hiccup, what was important is that Ernesto remained professional and tirelessly engages with the parts of the organization that requires more help. 

    Zaur Gassanov, BBAIS, ITIL, CPA, CMA, MBA
    Finance and Information Systems Professional| Project Manager| Management Consultant
  • testimonios-02

    Ernesto is an accomplished training and development professional. He is adept at facilitating classroom sessions as well as the development of online training programs. I would highly recommend Ernesto for any Training and Development position. 

    Maureen Flaherty
    Training Specialist
    Ministry of Community Service and Corrections
  • testimonios-03

    Ernesto is a "go to" guy. A team player that one can count on to deliver what is expected. A continuous learner, he has an excellent knowledge of his field and shares his expertise with those he works with. He is detailed and thorough. When Ernesto researches a subject, he leaves no stone unturned. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a true professional. 

    Peter Buddo
    Human Capital Management Consultant
    Peter Buddo & Associates
  • testimonios-04

    I was Ernesto's advisor for his master’s research project (Queen’s University) in which he demonstrated a remarkably high level of initiative, organizational ability and creativity. He researched the literature, made contacts, arranged for and conducted interviews, gathered secondary sources, performed an in-depth analysis and completed the research report. His written work was good and his analysis excellent.
    In short, he is a talented, intelligent and personable individual who would make a positive contribution to any organization that employed him.

    Dr. Carol Beatty
    Warp Speed Training Enterprises
  • testimonios-05

    Ernesto delivers: His affable style and commitment to service, uniquely combined with insightful analysis, detailed project planning, and understanding of people make him a great choice. He is able to quickly evaluate learning needs and develop knowledgeable solutions. We entrusted him with change management training because of his professional service with a challenging HRIS implementation project, and would do it again.

    Diane Duncan
    Executive Director
    Senior Persons Living Connected (SPLC) -Scarborough, ON
  • testimonio-06

    During my time as Learning & Development Manager at Loblaw Companies Ltd. I was pleased to work with Ernesto Solari, where we partnered on numerous projects from 2016 to 2018. Ernesto always tackled new projects with curiosity and a positive attitude. It was exciting to see the learning solutions he was able to develop. Aside from my personal appreciation for Ernesto’s contributions, the Learning & Development team also valued his work effort and always looked forward to working with him. Our stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts especially appreciated his flexibility to accommodate their schedules and find resourceful ways to gather content for the learning outcome. Ernesto’s bi-lingual learning solutions always met the company’s standards and objectives. I especially appreciated his ability to create effective microlearning and video demonstrations, which satisfied our need for engaging and sustainable online learning. I would be thrilled to work with him again in the future.

    Christina Branco
    Learning & Development Manager
    Pinchin Ltd.