Kamaleidos Change Solutions is a boutique consulting company. We specialize in change strategies and implementations for organizational change and transformation. We do this through the practical application of professional change management methodologies bolstered by tight project management used to overcome obstacles and achieve benefits realization.


How We Work 


Since we are flexible and adaptable like “chameleons”, we are comfortable working at all levels of the organization – from executives through middle management, the front-line, and with customers. We partner with change champions and key organizational and project stakeholders to ensure business objectives are achieved in an inclusive environment.


Our experience with proven success driving complex projects in public and private-sectors in Canada as well as internationally includes industries such as:

Manufacturing, IT Consulting, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Transportation, Retail, Education, and Banking.

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Why Kamaleidos?

Kamaleidos is a hybrid term that combines the adaptability of a chameleon with the visual magic produced by a kaleidoscope.

Chameleons are extraordinary animals that can change according to circumstances. Their eyes are independently mobile, but when needed, they target and coordinate their focus.

A kaleidoscope configures vision into multiple features and colors; it’s capable of forming mosaics in beautiful tones and geometric shapes.

The adaptability and targeted focus of a chameleon combined with the wide array of colour and shapes of the kaleidoscope provide the essential framework for the VISION we bring to our clients.

Based on many years of experience, we look at change challenges through many “filters” and different perspectives to help overcome obstacles.

Once the core business issues are identified, we create a compelling vision for change set up supportive networks and mobilize efforts towards achieving that vision.

Who is Ernesto?


Professional Associations & Partnerships

Ernesto Solari
Managing Director

What moves us?


At Kamaleidos Change Solutions we believe that real change in our communities take place in many ways and forms but the most powerful way is when we work together pursuing common goals.

Development & Peace – Caritas Canada

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Sick Kids Foundation

Pro-Bono Coaching